Suitable and Corporate Social Responsibility

Suitable takes Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. Especially as a large organization. We are happy to provide more information on how we do this on a daily basis, with regard to sustainability in our production and our environmental friendly policy. But also how we try to dedicate ourselves to helping the people around us.

Corporate responsibility starts with
choosing the right factories
From producer to consumer
  • No forced labor or child labor
  • A clean work environment
  • No extreme, but regular working hours
  • Healthy and safe work environment
  • Legal employment contract
  • Status of the property

Corporate Social Responsibility starts with choosing the right factories. For our Suitable private label we work directly from producer to consumer. We are the only link in the process. This ensures that we can use guidelines, such as the SE 8000 certification, when selecting the workshops and that these standards are adhered to. We also regularly visit the workshops ourselves. 

Raoul, the owner of Suitable, always uses the bathroom when visiting the workshops
and eats with the people who work there.
Quality starts with a sustainable production process

We believe that the quality of clothing starts with a sustainable production process. When choosing a workshop, we therefore also pay attention to the used fabrics. We do not opt for so-called 'fast-fashion', clothing that only lasts a short period of time and that places an enormous burden on the environment. The Suitable label does not stand for quality for nothing. You can be sure your clothes will last a long time. The origin of the clothing varies. In short, we ensure you that we will connect the right parties for each type of clothing. This way we can contribute to the best quality: for you and for the environment!

  • The fabrics for our suits are from Italy, but the confection takes place in Hongary
  • Most fabrics for our shirts are from Italy as well, but they are made in Turkey
  • The yarns for our Suitable sweaters and pulls are from Italy and China
  • The silk ties are from Italy and China
Ambitious goals

Suitable has an ambitious objective when it comes to the environment. In the coming years we want to reduce the production emissions of our shops by 50%. The main pillars for this are recycling, separating waste and choosing LED.


Suitable has two types of shoppingbags. Our ‘plastic bag’ is made from recycled polyethylene PE. This means that old shipping bags are recycled and then new shopping bags are made from that. No less than 80% of this material has been recycled from post-consumer waste, or household waste. This waste consists mainly of used plastic shoppingbags that have been collected.

Seperation of plastic and paper

In our shops and in our warehouse we work with different types of packaging materials, mostly plastic and paper. Suitable ensures that this waste is strictly seperated and processed in the right way, so that the materials are recyclable. We also reuse cardbord boxes for internal transport several times.

LED lights

All of our shops and our service center are equipped with LED lighting. These lamps provide a high energy saving. 

In the coming years we want to reduce production emissions
of our shops by 50%
Social sponsorship policy

Suitable finds it important to be in the middle of society and to keep an eye on the people around us. In addition to commercial sponsership, Suitable is therefore also active in social sponsorship, to contribute to society. 


We support national and local charities, mostly by donating items. Dit varies from giving out Suitable giftcards at auctions for charities as 'de Ronde Tafel', to the annual buying and giving of gingerbread dolls for 'Kiwanis Maastricht and Mergelland'. 


Nationwide Suitable has come into action for the KWF in the battle against prostate cancer. After all, looking good starts with good health. Suitable has especially designed socks for this action. We donated 60% of the sales price to 'KWF Kankerbestrijding'.  

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