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An Alan Red T-shirt, the perfect white T-shirt. Popular with many men and with good reason. Since 1996, Alan Red T-shirts are renowned for their wearing comfort and high quality. The T-shirts are shape-retaining and even the collar, both V-neck and round neck, remains in good shape.
Therefore, in a sense, it is logical that many men opt for these T-shirts. There is a suitable T-shirt for every occasion, in white, grey, dark blue or black. There is also a wide range of wide and narrow collars and fits, making these basic T-shirts much loved.

High-quality white T-shirts by Alan Red

Anyone looking for a basic T-shirt or an Alan Red is aiming for high quality. For a brand as renowned as Alan Red it is necessary to continue to provide quality. The T-shirts and boxer shorts are made of cotton, depending on the model in combination with elastane. The T-shirts remain beautiful and retain a good shape, due to the quality of the cotton. The high-quality cotton makes the T-shirts soft and comfortable to the skin. Because there is nothing more annoying than an uncomfortable T-shirt.  

How to wear an Alan Red T-shirt?

An Alan Red T-shirt is a fine garment to wear underneath a dress shirt. Wearing a T-shirt underneath a shirt makes the shirt not only more comfortable, it also extends the life of the shirt. The cotton T-shirt absorbs sweat and therefore avoids unpleasant odors in your shirt.
Make sure that the collar of a T-shirt does not show, when you wear it underneath a dress shirt. Choose a T-shirt with extra deep V-neck to avoid the shirt from showing. 

Would you like to make a good impression with a basic look? Wear just a white T-shirt, without a shirt. Combine it with a pair of jeans for a casual look. Naturally, wear a stainless T-shirt that is not too tight. Are you troubled by stains? Read here how to clean a white T-shirt.

Fit of Alan Red T-shirts

To provide anybody with a basic T-shirt, Alan Red offers a collection with various fits. For convenience, every shirt has its own name. This way, you always know which T-shirt you need. For a Regular-Fit T-shirt there are the Derby, Virginia, Verner and Vermont. These models have an O-neck, V-neck or an extra deep V-neck and are made of 100% cotton. There is no stretch in these T-shirts. The collar is made of lycra, to retain a good shape.

Would like a more tight fitting T-shirt to wear comfortably underneath a slim-fit dress shirt? Take a look at the Slim-Fit Alan Red T-shirts. This collection consists of the Dean, James, Montana, Minto, Olbia, Ottawa and Oslo. Depending on the chosen model, the T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton or a blend of 93% cotton and 7% elastane. Due to the slim-fit, these T-shirts fit tighter to the body. Therefore, they are very suitable for men who mostly wear tailored shirts.

Looking for a T-shirt that fits like a glove? A Body-Fit T-shirt is what you need. These T-shirts are about 5 centimeters tighter than the Slim-Fit T-shirts. They fit the body tight, making it invisible so it can disappear underneath your dress shirt. These T-shirts are also available in a NO-neck design, which means an extra deep, therefore invisible, V-neck. The No-Neck Body-Fit Alan Red T-shirts are, in other words, invisible T-shirts. 

Our Alan Red T-shirt Top 3

This is our personal Top 3 of Alan Red models:

  • Alan Red James
  • Alan Red Oklahoma
  • Alan Red Vermont

Extra Long Alan Red T-shirts

The collection was specially developed for the Dutch man. This means that the T-shirts are longer than average. Yet, the T-shirts from the normal collection might still not be long enough for you. Therefore, Alan Red offers the extra long T-shirts. These are 5 cm longer, to create a better fit. These extra 5 cm keep the T-shirt in your trousers the whole day, to make it most comfortable.
The collection of extra long T-shirts is can be recognized by the ‘Extra long’ overlay.

Buying Alan Red T-shirts by Suitable
At Suitable you can find the right outfit for every occasion and therefore, basic T-shirts couldn’t be missed. Find the biggest collection of Alan Red T-shirts and underwear for men at Suitable. Easily ordered online!

Alan Red Bamboo

Bamboo T-shirts are very soft and have thermal features. It has a cooling effect in the summer and retains warmth in the winter. The bamboo basics are anti-allergenic, which makes them highly suitable for the sensitive skin. Bamboo clothing is very suitable both as sportswear as well as a classic basic for daily wear.

New: Alan Red Underwear

The success of the T-shirts led to Alan Red Underwear. These boxer shorts are made of the same cotton as the T-shirts and also consist of a cotton and elastane blend. The Alan Red boxer shorts are available in the same colors as the T-shirts. Therefore, you can always find matching underwear.
The quality is, as you would expect, as high as it is of the T-shirts.

Alan Red special offers and lowest price guarantee

Suitable is the place to be in terms of special offers of Alan Red. During the Suitable sale, you can get a discount up to 30% on your new T-shirts. Can’t wait for the sale? Buy one of the multipacks. This way you can buy more than one of your favorite T-shirts for an extra low price.

Suitable offers a lowest price guarantee on Alan Red T-shirts. This way we make sure you won’t overpay for your new T-shirts. Have you spotted your new T-shirt for a better price somewhere else after purchasing it at Suitable? Contact our customer-service. 

About Alan Red

It once started in Magir, Italy. Since 1940, this company creates high-quality basics for other brands. Since 1996 the brand Alan Red was founded, which was the start for your beloved basic T-shirts. The introduction to the Dutch market was a big hit. When you are looking for a comfortable basic white, high-quality, T-shirt, the best advice is Alan Red.

Wondering what specific measure of Alan Red u need? View the Alan Red Size chart.

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