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Originally made for hunting, but comfortable enough for the modern man as well. The Barbour jackets still have an authentic foundation but meet all requirements for modern times. The jackets are functional, comfortable and, with regard to the wax jackets, waterproof.
Nowadays the collection, in addition of jackets, also consists of clothing, accessories and even articles for dogs. All Barbour items are made of high-end materials and with attention to detail. As you would expect from a brand with a British history, the collection has an authentic British look and feel.

The Barbour collection

Barbour offers a complete collection of clothing. You can dress yourself from head to toe with items from this outdoor brand. Such as hats, scarfs, cardigans, shirts, pullovers, quilted jackets and more coats. The clothing is comfortable at all times. Optimal wearing comfort is what all Barbour articles are intended for. The sustainable quality makes it possible to enjoy the items for a very long time and to create an impressive look over and over again.

Barbour Accessories

Suitable offers a broad collection of Barbour accessories for men. Under the motto ‘the difference is in the details’: check out our collection of Barbour accessories. The Barbour gloves and scarfs are perfect for the cold winter months. Barbour handkerchiefs look timelessly luxurious.
Looking for Barbour headgear? Suitable offers a wide range of headgear, from sporty Barbour caps to classic Barbour hats. Complete your outfit with one of these accessories.

Barbour wax jackets

The jacket with which it all began is the Barbour wax jacket. A jacket of a high-quality cotton and waterproof, due to a special treatment. The first Barbour wax jacket was made in 1894 and was an instant success with fishermen and sailors in the region.
Even after 125 years the wax jackets are just as popular. Nowadays the jackets fit modern times, but the basis is still the same as in 1894. Wax jackets are treated to make the fabric waterproof. The fabric might therefore stain on other materials, with this in mind it is advised to keep the jacket away from light materials.
Is your Barbour jacket no longer waterproof? Order wax here, to treat your jacket again. This way, your Barbour jacket is an item for life.  

The history of Barbour

Barbour was founded in 1894 in South Shield, north of Great-Brittain. Nowadays it has become an international brand. Barbour is a real classic and, despite the international reach, still a family business. In 2019, the brand celebrates its 125th anniversary, but its basic principles remained the same.
Although it started with wax jackets, the company is nowadays an international fashion brand with an extensive collection. From men’s jackets, to clothing and accessories. Even the dog can be dressed in the same style. Since many years the brand is British national supplier and even the British Royal Family is seen regularly in Barbour jacket or clothes. 

Wondering what specific measure of Barbour u need? View the Barbour Size chart.

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