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Didriksons designs and manufactures functional and comfortable clothing for over 100 years. The clothing is designed to keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions. Initially designed for fisherman but now accessible for everyone. Didriksons incorporate their know-how and techniques in their jackets resulting in a wide range of durable, wind, and rainproof jackets and coats. Their motto: We don't challenge the elements; we adapt to them.

Didriksons, timeless design

Didrikons' clothing is not only functional, but it is also timeless and suitable for any occasion. These are features this Scandinavian brand is proud of and is why Didriksons is one of the biggest in rain clothing and functional jackets. The jackets are durable and last for years, thanks to picking the best fabrics infused with the latest technological fibers.

Sustainable development

Taking care of our planet is a big topic. Didriksons takes its part by diminishing their impact on the world. They are doing this by using better dyes for their clothing, using as little water as possible, less energy, and trying to cut on transport. Of course, this is an ongoing process, but they have shown the willingness and make good progress.

Didriksons jackets and coats

The year-long experience in the product development of men's jackets and coats is noticeable in their comprehensive collection. A Didriksons coat or jacket is suitable for the northern hemisphere climate, windy and rainy. Full protection against all natures' elements, whether you take your dog for a walk, need to pick up your kids' from school, or just like a big long hike. Didrikons jackets and coats are perfect when you need to beat the cold or rain.

Didriksons Parka

One of the most popular models is the parka. A parka is a coat with a hood lined with fur or faux fur. Parka meaning 'animal skin' in Nenets.' Invented by the Inuit and a parka is originally made from caribou or seal skin. The jackets' design is to withstand freezing colds and icy waters. A Didriksons parka is a hip-length jacket made a water-resistant fiber and stuffed with fake down. Since the importance of sustainability is on the rise and prevention of animal cruelty has increased, hardly any commercial parka is made from animal skin, according to Suitable, a good thing.

Functionality is key

At Didriksons, functionality is a significant factor. Every jacket is fitted with several pockets to ensure you have enough room to put things away. Besides, most jackets have a waist cord to adjust the fitting to your liking. From a wide cut to a slim fit all in one coat, this brand makes it possible. And although the parka's, coats, and jackets are made of synthetic material, they are incredibly breathable.

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