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We believe it is increasingly important to be aware of the environment in order to be able to protect the earth. An industry in which much can be gained in this area is the fashion industry. Fortunately, more and more good steps are being taken there when it comes to sustainability and you can see that in the collection of ecological shoes at Suitable.

Definition of sustainable

But when do we speak of sustainable shoes? There is no single definition of sustainability. There are several ways to make environmentally friendly shoes.

Think of:

  • Minimal impact on the environment, for example by saving on raw materials and polluting less
  • Use of recycled material or organic material
  • Fair and safe working conditions
  • Animal welfare

Suitable offers a range of stylish, eco shoes; often made from recycled or organic material. For example nylon which is made by recycling fishing nets, shoelaces made from organic cotton or soles made from recycled rubber.

Of course you can also increase the durability of your shoes yourself. Proper maintenance can extend the life cycle, and ensuring that the shoes are properly disposed of, the material can be recycled again.

Shop your organic shoes here at Suitable.

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