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Petrol Industries T-shirts

Petrol certainly also offers the T-shirt within casual fashion. Different colors, prints and fits. What distinguishes Petrol Industries from many other brands is that the logo is often (not always) prominent. This is a deliberate choice, 'It is reminiscent of the smell of new leather and petrol', says Van Zon, founder of Petrol Industries. Petrol Industries started making men's T-shirts and Polo shirts, this has later become a much wider range.

Petrol Industries casual brand

Petrol Industries is the cool brand in casual men's fashion. This is best seen within the range of T-shirts, the variety of colors, which are subtle but match perfectly to complete a good outfit. In addition, the logo, which is striking on your T-shirt, is often available in different color combinations. This ensures variety within your wardrobe and also that you stand out in your environment every now and then, without going wrong. Of course you can also pass the T-shirts in basic colors within Petrol Industries, there is something for everyone. Petrol Industries is a standalone brand that combines and carries easily. It is and made for the young man from 16 years and with its sporty appearance makes it accessible to a wider audience.
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