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At the fashion brand Scotch and Soda, it all starts with traveling, discovering, and collecting. The world and the past are a source of inspiration for the collections that are designed today. The originally Dutch brand has grown into a worldwide name, thanks to its unique style in which worldly influences and vintage elements are combined with contemporary fashion. The stylish collections consist of classic, timeless items with the characteristic Scotch and Soda twist, such as a striking texture or an original print.

Scotch and Soda shirts, loved for the attention to detail

But the clothes without printed and in a neutral color are also popular, partly because of the high quality. Scotch and Soda is also known for its attention to beautiful detailing and refined finish. This not only makes the clothing more interesting to see, but it also lasts longer.

A classic, high quality shirt

In the collection that Suitable of this brand offers you will find, in addition to trousers, T-shirts, and sweaters, several shirts. The Slim-Fit Scotch and Soda shirt, which is available in white, blue, and black, is an excellent example of a versatile garment. Men can combine neutral colors well with other clothing, and the tailored fit ensures a well-groomed appearance.

Soft, breathable and stretchy Scotch & Soda shirts

The combination of cotton and elastane provides the soft and breathable quality of a Scotch and Soda blouse. Men who prefer a snug fit, but still want sufficient freedom of movement, find the perfect balance thanks to this textile blend with stretch.

Different style shirts

At Scotch and Soda, you can choose between different styles. Every collar, cut, and other features add to the style of a shirt. Some people are very particular about these features, and others are not. Since Scotch and Soda produce mainly casual shirts, the fit or cut is most important for most people.

Fit of a Scotch and Soda shirt

Scotch and Soda produce shirts with two fits. A normal fit and a slim fit. The normal fit is for casual shirts, where the dressy shirts tend to have a slim fit cut. You can say to wear a dress shirt tucked in contrast to a casual shirt, not tucked in.

Shirts with a button down collar

In general, a shirt with a button down collar is casual. At Scotch & Soda, you see the same. The shirts with a button-down collar have a normal cut and do have a more casual look. Perfect to be worn on a Scotch and Soda jeans. Finish your look with some cool sneakers.

Shirts with a kent collar

Shirts with a kent collar tend to be more dressy. At Scotch, they mix it up a little. Sure, they have dress shirts in primary colors with a kent collar. But besides those dress shirts, they have nice printed trendy casual shirts.

Shirts with a cut-a-way collar

A cut-a-way collar is a typical dress shirt feature. Perfect when wearing a double Windsor tie-knot. But also very fashionable in combination with a more casual shirt. A cut-a-way collar will give your shirt some Italian flair.

Scotch and soda Shirts with a breast pocket

How to make a breast pocket fashionable is what the designers at Scotch and Soda must have thought—often asked for by older men. But now, completely restyled and upgraded with a pocket square. Why did not anyone else thought about this, right?

Feel free to also take a look at the Scotch and Soda T-shirts.

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