-  Sunday, 10 December  |  Robert
Suitable T-Shirt Obra 6-Pack White
This deserves a good review! First bought a 2-pack as a test. Been looking for a replacement for my current T-shirts for under my shirts for some time, but without success. With these T-shirts from [site name] I finally found a T-shirt that fits comfortably, has a good fit (so not too tight) and has a good length so that it does not always pop out of my pants. The collar was also a point of attention for me. It stays nicely around the neck, so that my chain does not always disappear under it. I do not have the experience that I experience this as tight or unpleasant. I am also positive about the finish, no loose threads or bad stitching. Have just ordered a 6-pack twice. Can I get along again for the time being.
  Hi Robert. What a nice message, thank you! Nice to hear that you are so happy with the T-shirts. Lots of wearing pleasure, and see you next time at Suitabe.   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (24) No (2)
  • Nice length
  • Nice soft fabric
  • Closes nicely around the neck
  • Good finish stitching
 -  Saturday, 9 March  |  Mark
Deep V-Neck 2-Pack Stretch T-shirts
I bought these t-shirts at the [site name] Shop in Breda. I do a lot of sports and am wide for my height (1.80). I bought size L and these fit fine. They do pull a bit under my arms, but all t-shirts do that with me. I always wear my shirts with 2 buttons open and the V-neck is almost deep enough (I can still see 0.5cm of the shirt). If you don't wear them under a shirt, they are very long at the bottom. Furthermore, the sleeves may be slightly shorter (1 á 2cm) and the collar of the sleeve may be slightly narrower. The division in the collar at the back is also not very nice. All in all, very good t-shirts for under a shirt (partly due to the length), but less suitable to wear in the summer.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (13) No (16)
 -  Thursday, 11 November  |  Dimitri
White T-shirt O-Neck 6-Pack
I once brought a 2pack in the store. This went so well that I now only have t-shirts (14 pieces) of this type. I have never experienced the sharp edges of the label as mentioned in the previous review, I do not have the neck very tight, which could make a difference. The fit is still okay after many washes, within expectations (they are of course washed very often). A number of colleagues have also bought these T-shirts on my advice and are all very satisfied. I can heartily recommend them, if there had been six stars for value for money I would have given them. What I also want to say is that the board will not lubber and I think that is important.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (25) No (2)
 -  Thursday, 4 January  |  Mark
White T-shirt 6-Pack V-Neck
Price-quality is sufficient, fabric is thin and therefore airy. V-neck is not visible if your shirt is on with 1 button open. However, the fit was very disappointing. The description indicates slightly fitted, but it is just a straight shirt, with no kind of waistline. I bought an M (193cm, 83kg), I certainly needed this for the height and the chest size (fits both well too), but the shirt is even too spacious around the waist under a shirt. Lots of excess fabric around the waist and stomach. So if you want a straight shirt then this product is ok, but if you are looking for something with a tailored fit, do not order this product.
  Thanks for the review Mark! It's annoying to hear that the fit is not quite as desired. If you would like advice for an alternative, we are happy to help! :)   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (8) No (0)
  • Nice neck, not visible under a shirt
  • Good length of the shirt
  • Straight fit
  • Lots of excess fabric around the belly and waist
 -  Thursday, 25 November  |  Bertruud
Alan Red T-shirt Virginia O-Neck 2-Pack
For years I have been looking for white t-shirts that have a good, fitting collar. A month ago I found those shirts at [site name]. I am very satisfied with the quality / price ratio of these shirts. The shipment is fast and correct. The handling of complaints is even better. The only webshop (in my experience) where I immediately get an employee on the phone who can help me. In addition, I was credited with the shipping costs because my complaint concerned a manufacturing defect. In the end I threw away all the old shirts in my closet and ordered 12 new shirts from [site name]. I will keep doing that!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (10) No (1)
 -  Wednesday, 5 September  |  Roel
Deep V-Neck 2-Pack Stretch T-shirts
I have had the Schiesser 95/5 v-neck for years and was looking for a shirt with a deeper v-neck and was more favorable in terms of price / quality. After trying these I have to say that they fit well, but a bit smaller than normal. Normal I have ordered L, but now M. They are less tight than Schiesser, but the deep V neck makes the shirt invisible under a blouse. The shirt also doesn't shrink much in the wash and dryer, which is also important. Could have been a cm longer for safety, but does not disturb. After a week I ordered 4 more items so that my wardrobe is complete again.
  Nice to hear that you have found a suitable alternative. We hope you enjoy your complete wardrobe! ;)   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (0)
  • Great fit
  • Could have been a little longer
 -  Saturday, 12 December  |  Sil
Alan Red Special Offer O-Neck T-shirts White 6-Pack
I used to buy those round-woven T-shirts, and they seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth lately. In the shops I only found shirts with a topstitching on the left and right under the armpits. Well okay, they were cheap.. Fortunately I have found those 'old-fashioned' T-shirts again: the Alan Red from [site name]. T-shirts with a nice fit and a nice long feel. And actually they are not that much more expensive. The quality and thickness of the cotton also suggest that they are a lot more solid than those stitching copies, well, time will tell!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (2)
  • Woven round
  • Nice thick cotton quality
  • Good fit
  • Nice and long
  • No!
 -  Friday, 11 March  |  F.Gielen
Alan Red T-shirt Virginia O-Neck 2-Pack
Worn Alan Red t-shirts for years. In the beginning always bought the size XXL because these tshirts are very small. My surprise was then that Alan Red adjusted their sizing, which resulted in a much too plus sizes purchased tshirts. The problem now is what to order from which store? One store does have the new dimensions inside, where the other will have to sell the old stock first. Bad move by Alan Red. Still very satisfied with the quality of the tshirts. In particular, the released neck which does not "run out" after several washes.
  Thank you for your review! I can inform you that [site name] always uses the new dimensions because we do not use old stock.   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (8) No (9)
 -  Tuesday, 3 January  |  Mies
Alan Red Derby Round Neck T-shirt White 2-Pack
My husband has had alan red tshirts with a standing collar for years 2 pieces 19.95 Each time they are different, then long, then short than a tight high collar, now we have tried them again now with a lower collar and wide, so not good. We don't understand any of this! so actually we are not satisfied at all, but we still tried it out, too bad, because sometimes they are good. Usually I buy the shirts at the.... I hope you can answer me here. I think there should be more complaints about this with kind regards Frans and Mies van Gestel
  Dear Sir / Madam, would you like to contact us by phone? 073-623 53 53. Thank you in advance.   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (3) No (4)
 -  Wednesday, 10 January  |  W.D.
Suitable T-Shirt Obra 6-Pack White
Have been using the T-shirts from [site name], great shirts a pity and it has been noted earlier that the label of [site name] soon gives way to a big hole in the neck. Having handled this well on your forum, I have again placed an order for 2x a 6-Pack, however, the round neck is now very round and especially small, or it gives a suffocating effect and I am actually a bit disappointed. Colleagues now also consider me a kind of pastor and it is now a reason for me to stop wearing the shirts. Specifically [site name] : JAMMER!!
  How annoying that you are not completely happy with the T-shirts! We are definitely going to pass your feedback on to the producer, which we want customers to be happy with their purchase. If you want to return the shirts, we would like to hear from you via   ^Quinty from Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (1)
  • Quality
  • Fine, nice and soft fabric
  • Large / long
  • Round neck way too small
 -  Wednesday, 5 December  |  Walter
White T-shirt 6-Pack V-Neck
I used to buy V-neck shirts from Hanes and I chose this item because I wanted to try something different. Although it is more expensive than Hanes, I must honestly say, these shirts are more comfortable to wear, because they are also longer than the Hanes brand and the V-neck is also elastic. Next time I'll try the deeper V-neck and size XXL because of the longer length. The shipment did not go as it should and I had to go after it myself. Everything else is ok about this article and I can recommend it to everyone.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
 -  Thursday, 15 January  |  Eric-Jan
White T-shirt 6-Pack V-Neck
I have actively looked around for shirts. This is a decent price. T-shirt is nice and thin, so it fits well under shirts. Long enough too. The V-neck is low (could not be deduced from the website text), which makes it very good to wear under a shirt when wearing a tie. If you want to have the V-neck visible under your shirt, it doesn't work. Delivery had not gone well. It contained a size that I had not ordered and there was not enough in it, but I could immediately exchange it at the store: that is good service.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (6) No (4)
 -  Monday, 13 June  |  Hans
Suitable T-shirt 2-Pack O-Neck White
these are very nice shirts. Good fit and what's great is that these shirts are a bit longer than normal. You don't have to worry that they will slowly crawl upwards. The neckline is not overly high, making it easy to wear under a shirt with a tie. The excellent fit remains even after repeated washing and drying in the dryer. I had once bought these shirts as a trial, but they turn out to be very good shirts. Especially when you compare the price-quality with each other, it is a good buy.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (3) No (3)
 -  Saturday, 20 November  |  Henri
Alan Red T-shirt Virginia O-Neck 2-Pack
Very good tshirts! Since I wear these every day, I need a lot of them every year. These shirts are of excellent quality and also keep their shape after washing. With cheaper or unbranded shirts it often happens that the collar starts to dilute while with Alan Red shirts, the collar remains in shape. They are comfortable and do not shrink. I can also say that the service [site name] excellent. Reliable, safe for your payment and a good status of your order. Henri (Amersfoort).
Was this review helpful?   Yes (4) No (0)
 -  Tuesday, 26 August  |  A.
White T-shirt 2-Pack V-Neck
Experience with a crew neck T-shirt was fine, but the neck actually closed a bit too high, so I tried 2-Pack V-neck. In pictures V-neck also seems to connect high but because of the 'V' that could be a perfect fit for me. Unfortunately, this V-neck turns out not to close high but very low. At first thought it had to be a swap with the deep V-neck, but from the composition material and other indications this turned out not to be the case. It's a shame.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (0)

Buy Men's T-shirts online

Men’s T-Shirts

The name "T-shirt" comes from the shape of the garment. In America, it is also known simply as a 'tee.' Previously, T-shirts were only used as a white undergarment for men. During World War II, American soldiers made these T-shirts popular in Europe. While this trend became popular throughout youth cultures in the 1950s, T-shirts only became widely accepted as outerwear at the end of the 1960s. Since then, T-shirts have become almost as ubiquitous as pants and are a staple for men worldwide; more than two billion T-shirts are sold every year. The most popular version is the white men's T-shirt, which is still often used as an undergarment underneath a sweater or a dress shirt, just as before. That is why white T-shirts for men are still indispensable when it comes to formal wear.

Are you looking to purchase men's T-shirts? We offer crew-neck t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts, extra-long t-shirts, big and tall t-shirts, deep V-neck t-shirts, and much more. Learn about the wide assortment of t-shirts at Suitable below.

The White Suitable T-Shirt: The Perfect Undershirt

White T-shirts for men are a real must-have for every man. Whether worn under a dress shirt, a wool sweater, or as a visible layer under a cardigan or jacket, there should always be multiple clean white t-shirts in a man's wardrobe. Are you one of those men who regularly buy white T-shirts as a part of his standard outfit? Then we have good news for you because our white T-shirts are extra affordable at SuitableShop. Order your white T-shirts easily online in a 2-pack, 4-pack, or even a 6-pack, which is available at a discount. You can purchase white T-shirts for men with a round neck, V-neck, deep V-neck, and wide round neck. The shirts feature a silky soft touch and a tailored fit with a longer body. If you prefer basic white t-shirts from one of our other underwear brands, read about the different options available under "Brands."

Choosing the Right Fabric: Cotton or Bamboo

If you're looking for white T-shirts for men, Suitable provides several different models: V-neck, deep V-neck, and O-neck. These three models are the most popular T-shirts in our extensive assortment. Apart from the standard cotton T-shirts, we also offer durable and sustainable bamboo T-shirts. These shirts are made with 70% bamboo viscose. All our basic white T-shirts are available in both the standard cotton fabric or an extra soft bamboo viscose/cotton blend. Tan, black, and navy shirts are only available in cotton.

Colored T-Shirts

Is the standard white t-shirt too basic for you, and do you prefer a colored men's T-shirt? Take a look at the T-shirts from Colorful Standard or Dstrezzed. These fashion brands offer a wide range of vibrant T-shirts in various colors and fits. In addition to plain colored T-shirts, you can also find colored t-shirts with logo prints or striped T-shirts when you're shopping online at Suitable.

Graphic Tees

Although the number one favorite will always be the plain white t-shirt, many unique T-shirts with prints are also available at Suitable. When you're not just wearing a T-shirt as an extra layer under a sweater or a dress shirt, nowadays men often choose a colored shirt or a shirt with a print when they want to create a trendier look. That is why Suitable provides a wide range of graphic men's T-shirts from various brands, including T-shirts with stylish patterns or fashionable men's logo tees. A casual T-shirt can be a fun, trendy, and complementary addition to a casual look. In other words, you can't go wrong by purchasing your casual graphic T-shirts online at the Suitable webshop.


T-shirts from Alan Red

From its beginnings in Italy in 1940 until the present day, Alan Red has been making men's underwear for over 80 years. You can see their experience in the design and innovation of their t-shirts, which combine timeless style with high quality to make an indispensable undershirt. Apart from the standard white t-shirt, they offer multiple colors along with long sleeve and sleeveless options.

Bjorn Borg tees

Named after one of the most iconic tennis players of all time, the Björn Borg brand is best known for its sports apparel and underwear. However, their casual line is just as suited for going out as it is for working out. The sporty Bjorn Borg t-shirts feature a stylish design with a retro appeal.

Blue Industry T-shirts

Combining casual chic with American sportswear. Blue Industry is a Dutch men's fashion brand based in Rotterdam. Thanks to their modern designs they create a unique style and perfect fit. Their T-shirts are no different, with a fashionable slim fit and stylish logo print across the chest. The Blue Industry logo shirt is available in black.

Calvin Klein

Distinguished by its minimal aesthetic, Calvin Klein is a global lifestyle brand that has built its reputation as one of the leading American fashion brands since it was founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein. The stylish Calvin Klein collections feature basic white T-shirts and logo tees with the signature minimalist Calvin Klein design.

Colorful Standard

The Scandinavian brand Colorful Standard originated in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is all about color and simplicity. The European brand distinguishes itself by making colorful organic essentials such as t-shirts. With the Organic T-Shirt, Colorful Standard makes this classic basic item as lively as ever. Made from soft 100% organic cotton, the shirt features a regular fit and a round neck. The T-shirts are dyed after being cut and sewn, giving them a superior bright color. Additionally, all garments are pre-washed so that the colors don't fade and the shirts don't shrink when you wash them. The Colorful Standard Organic T-shirt is a perfect tee that you can wear all year round, either as a standalone item in spring and summer or layered in fall and winter. offers the Colorful Standard Organic T-Shirt in seven vibrant colors: Hunter Green, Emerald Green, Sunny Orange, Petrol Blue, Burned Orange, Burned Yellow, and Coffee Brown.


Dstrezzed is a Dutch clothing brand made for the modern gentleman who values high quality and modern esthetics. They welcome you to their self-proclaimed 'brotherhood of the modern gent' through their versatile collections and competitive prices. Dstrezzed T-shirts are available in short and long sleeves. The Dstrezzed McQueen t-shirt is a stylish plain pastel-colored short sleeve tee. The Dstrezzed long sleeve shirt is available in a navy or a red striped design.


Born in 2009, Ecoalf is named after the two sons of the founder: Javier Goyeneche, Alfredo, and Alvaro. The "eco" part refers to the brand's aim to produce truly sustainable fashion from recycled products. Their clothes are not just about looking good, but they try to convey a message as well. The Ecoalf Natal shirt is available in grey, light blue, and navy. It has a large print on the front that shares the brand's mission because "there is no planet B."

Fred Perry

Founded by tennis champion Fred Perry in 1952, the Fred Perry brand is best known for their signature polo shirts with their recognizable twin tipping and embroidered Laurel Wreath logo. The Fred Perry collection of athletic apparel is far more versatile, however, and includes T-shirts as well. All their athletic designs feature the laurel wreath, either embroidered or across the chest as part of a logo design. Other stylish details include trimming along the sleeves and neck, buttoned breast pockets, and a stripe on the shoulders.


After producing t-shirts for several brands in Europe since 1988, the Garage brand was launched in 2010. Garage is a Dutch brand that has specializes in basics. The brand produces their own t-shirts, which means that they buy high-quality yarns and then knit and dye their fabrics themselves. Through this procedure, high quality is always guaranteed. Suitable offers many basics from Garage: V-neck and round neck shirts, sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve models that come in the colors white, grey, navy, and black.

Hugo Boss

German luxury fashion house Hugo Boss was founded in 1924. Mostly known for their high-end men's suits, Hugo Boss also creates stylish casual men's clothing. The fashionable Hugo Boss T-shirts feature the instantly recognizable BOSS text logo. Whether dressed up with a jacket or a blazer or casually worn with a pair of jeans, Hugo Boss t-shirts add a touch of style to your outfit.

KnowledgeCotton Apparel T-shirts

Knowledge Cotton Apparel combines classic clothing items with casual styling. Shaped by its Scandinavian heritage, the brand focuses on developing fashion innovatively, responsibly, and sustainably. KnowledgeCotton T-shirts are cut in a tailored fit and often feature stylish colors and fashionable logo prints.

Levi’s Tees

As the undisputed king of denim, Levi Strauss & Co.'s classic denim designs have been around since 1967, and Levi's has become one of the most popular brands out there. With their instantly recognizable logo and a knack for sturdy yet stylish casual wear, they have designed some iconic T-shirts as well. Short sleeve logo tees are available in white, grey, and navy, with a black long sleeve option. Plain tees are also available in 2-packs in white, grey, and black.


Although best known for their high-quality non-iron shirts, this German family-run men's fashion brand has learned a thing or two about undershirts as well. All their clothes meet the highest standards in terms of the materials used, wearing comfort, and product care. Suitable offers Olymp V-neck and O-neck shirts in 2-packs, perfect to wear under the versatile non-iron Olymp shirts, also available at SuitableShop.

Scotch & Soda

Possibly the most popular Dutch clothing company at the moment, Scotch & Soda was founded in Amsterdam in 1985. Championing individuality and authenticity, the brand designs unique clothes that mix classic with contemporary. The elegant and stylish Scotch & Soda T-shirts feature logo prints, striped designs, and elegant embroidery on the chest.

Slater Tees

Slater started in the Netherlands in 1988 by producing the American T-shirt. This T-shirt features a wide, straight fit and a high crew neck based on the US marine uniform's white undershirt. A must-have for every man, it became the basis of the Slater collection. Currently, Slater has expanded its collection to 18 different white, black, and navy models.

SuperDry Trendy T-shirts

A British brand inspired by vintage Americana and Japanese graphics, SuperDry has been making stylish men's clothing since 2003. Their diverse collections are characterized by an authentic vintage look, unique details, hand-drawn graphics, quality fabrics, and a fashionable tailored fit. T-shirts from SuperDry, such as the Orange Alaska tee, are made from soft cotton and feature a 3D print with the recognizable logo across the chest.

Tommy Hilfiger

As one of the world's leading fashion brands, Tommy Hilfiger has brought modern American style to men worldwide since 1985. The Tommy Hilfiger logo tees are instantly recognizable and available in a range of colors. We offer basic white T-shirts by Tommy Hilfiger as well, available in a 3-pack.

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