Tenson Clothing, a way of living since 1951! Tenson jackets are very wearable in all weather conditions. The jackets are wind- and waterproof, but also breathable. This way, Tenson, creates the best climate for you. Tenson jackets are ideal in Northern Hemisphere weather conditions. Tenson uses a specially developed fabric for the production of the jackets. In doing so, Tenson jackets are highly comfortable, with the optimum effect. Tenson jackets hold their color and do not wear. The jackets are extremely suitable for bike rides and hiking trips in the rain.

Tenson is also renowned for the Tenson Winter Jackets, which are very suitable for winter sports.

Key features of outdoor Tenson is to look for

  • Sealed/taped seams: Tenson Winter/ summer jacket has wax-sealed seams to ensure no water enters the jacket.
  • Adjustable cuffs: Gives it a more suitable fit at the hands base. And help to block the wind from blowing into the sleeve.
  • Hem drawcord: Another feature to keep the warmth and make a perfect fit, but also it stops the jacket lifting when you are wearing a backpack.
  • Map pocket:If you are a frequent user of your favorite Tenson jacket, then it's undoubtedly a great feature to keep your essentials dry during your trip.
  • Storm flap:While you enjoy nature, Tenson Jacket will keep water out of entering the inner layers.
  • Bonded zips:An extra protection from cold and rain. And to maintain a constant temperature around your body.
  • Adjustable hood:The adjustable hoods increases comfort. Don't like a hood? With almost all Tenson jackets, you can zip them off.

The Layering System

The best way to prevent yourself from outside weather changes is by wearing the right layers of clothing. Ensure the layers you are wearing are waterproof, so the water runs off smoothly without cooling you off. The best material to choose for this is Polyester. Suppose you start with a primary layer and then fleece and the last layer as a shell jacket on top. While you cool down, wearing cotton would end up feeling sweaty on the inside and tend to chill on the outside.

With a combination of design, materials, and technology, Tenson is a real winner. So you can find a mix of well-known fabrics as cotton with a wax finish that gives you as much protection as airflow for an ultimate walk outside.

Tenson MPC

Tenson MPC is a special technique that ensures that the Tenson jackets are windproof, waterproof, and yet breathable!

Tenson Iconic Brand

Through generations, Tenson has been an iconic brand for quality and lifestyle. Many records have been made in sports with Tenson Jacket on, like climbing mount Everest, Himalaya, or an expedition to Alaska.

Be the Olympic winner and own your Tenson Jacket online at our Suitable online store.

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