Van Lier Dutch quality shoes

Since 1815, Van Lier shoes has been known for the production of high-quality shoes for men. Men's shoes of the best quality tanned leather. For more than 200 years, this family business has focused on just one brand and one product. The quality has remained high and in the field of product and material knowledge, Van Lier men's shoes continues to develop with modern techniques. A traditional process combined with innovative contemporary technology. To this day, Van Lier is still looking for the best leathers, materials and tanneries to provide their customers with high-quality shoes. Tanning the leather takes about 100 days and gives the leather its very own character. The vegetal tanned leather is fully biodegradable.

Craftsmanship and comfort

Quality, loyalty and entrepreneurship are of the highest priority at Van Lier. What is special at Van Lier is the way the shoes are made. The Ago size means that the shaft is attached to the insole using very strong glue. The cork padding is then applied to the insole after which the insole is glued to the whole. The advantage of the Ago molding method is that the shoe immediately has a high degree of flexibility.

Unique designs and trendy looks

Van Lier's extensive range of shoes is characterised by quality models with stylish trendy looks. Great leather shoes with unique designs and beautiful colours. The combination of centuries-old knowledge and modern techniques ensure that Van Lier's range of men's shoes consists of outstanding shoes. Continuous development, playing with colour and experimenting with fits ensure that Van Lier delivers the shoe of tomorrow every day. In this way, Van Lier develops new lasts that are both chic and comfortable so that every man gets value for his money.

Wide range of men's shoes

Van Lier's timeless range includes lace-up shoes in various classic colours of brown, grey, black and blue. The stylish cognac colour is also a real classic in the Van Lier collection. The colour palette is one with which you can combine endlessly and thus wear the right Van Lier shoes with every outfit. Go for a classic buckle shoe for underneath your costume or a more casual lace-up shoe that combines wonderfully with your timeless chino. At Suitable you will find Van Lier shoes for every occasion, for example in stylish smooth leather but also trendy suede, so you have the right shoes for every moment. From loafers and neat shoes to lace-up shoes and dress shoes that complete every man's modern outfit.

Online Van Lier order

Gentlemen, take advantage of all the conveniences of online shopping now. Order your favourite Van Lier leather shoes whenever it suits you. During a break at work, on the train to your date or just at home in the evening on the couch. We deliver the Van Lier shoes of your dreams free of charge to your home where you can fit the shoes while having the comfort of being in your own living room. With the Van Lier must-haves you will be completely in style this season.
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